Soap Information

Each individual soap is handcrafted using the slow cold process. What's slow cold process? It simply means that no heat was used,  allowing all the natural organic ingredients to be preserved.

Every soap bar begins with the oils. Not just any oils! We craft our soaps with the finest organic extra virgin olive oil. Pure coconut oil is added for extra foamy lather. Organic palm oil helps increase the freshness of your soap and the finest sunflower oil is added as the vital ingredient for skin care. Organic castor oil is used to get that extra creamy rich lather that helps moisturize and condition!

Then comes the magic - the essence of the old west and that frontier spirit - wildcrafted and organic botanicals, spices, clays and tropical butters. The 'crème de la crème' is the scenting with pure essential oils extracted from wild fauna.

In today's world - not all soaps are truly soaps at all. Fake soaps with harsh synthetic chemicals are sadly prevalent on store shelves. Did you know fake soaps can't be marketing as 'Soaps" under the law? Hence you'll ofter see the use of "Bar' such as 'moisturizing bar' or "beauty bar" to fool you.

But rest assured - the soap above is pure, natural, handcrafted and instilled with the essence and character of the Old West.

Caring For Your Soap

Old West Soaps are crafted with pure natural organic ingredients, hence no chemical preservatives or artificial hardeners. A few simple tips can help prolong the soap life.

• Don't leave in water, store on drained soap dish

• Store unused soap in a dark cool place

• Try and use within 6 months for optimum freshness